[OM] Body, Lens and Film Tests, and a Life Lesson

Subject: [OM] Body, Lens and Film Tests, and a Life Lesson
From: "John A. Lind" <jlind@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 21:31:35 +0000
Not sending this to pull any heartstrings, but it was a life lesson learned
recently.  Our dog of over 15 years passed away about two weeks ago.  It
was *decidedly* my other half's dog and she was devastated as the end came
rather suddenly in about 12 hours.

Many who are stricken with grief can go through a lot of guilt even over
things someone more rational would see as absurd.  One of them was not
having photographed her (the dog) for over six months and she has taken a
*lot* of photos of the dog over the last 15 years.

One of the things I have consistently done when testing some film, a camera
body, lens, flash, etc. is photograph the dog and cat.  I had photographs
in the test archives she had completely forgotten about and some more taken
very recently she had not even seen yet.  I took the slides and negatives
and had 5x7 prints of them made for her, and had one 645 close-up portrait
negative (a test of a 120 roll of Portra 160 NC) printed into an 8x10.
Bought a special 8x10 album and gave them all to her (the only print
mounted in the album was the 8x10 in the front) so she could create a
memory book the way she wanted to.  I cannot tell you the good this did for

Oly Content (as promised):
One of the very last photos taken (about a month ago) was an experiment
using Portra 400VC in an XA-2 from behind the dog looking in through the
glass in our back door.  The front of her was reflected in the glass and it
didn't come out too bad.  A pro printer will be able to dodge and burn it
to bring up the reflection some.  Worked out fairly well.  Wanted to test
the higher speed Portra *and* give the XA-2 which had not been used in a
*long* time a test.  The XA-2 is still doing *very* well considering it has
been in a desk drawer for about five years.

Life Lesson:
Take at least some candids of the kids and pets when testing stuff out.
Some of them can (will) be photos you will be *very* glad you have in the

-- John

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