Re: [OM] Low contract negative film for copying

Subject: Re: [OM] Low contract negative film for copying
From: George Conklin <gconklin@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 19:30:44 -0700
At 10:07 PM 08/30/1999 -0400, you wrote:

Yeah, I remember that. Perhaps the number has changed. I don't have that big a run of slides to copy.

This film would be Kodak commercial internegative film 4325.  I hope you
have a LOT of old Kodachromes to copy as this film is only available in 100
foot rolls.

I took the short route and used Kodak Professional Portea 160NC. The spec sheets from the Kodak web site showed it as having somewhat lower contrast. The slides were copied on that negative stock (available in 35mm 36 exposure rolls) and printed well at the local one hour place. It did puzzle them a bit, they said the film was new to them, but the images looked like old film. That was true. Ektachrome form the early 70s'. Interesting to look at one's old work (pre SLR) and note things like focus and exposure. The 25 - 30 year old Ektachrome looks great, dark storage with no particular attention to temperature.

As Emil Pozar <epozar@xxxxxxxxx> said, "Try preflash at -7 f-stops."  It
works by raising the toe of the contrast curve with minimal change to the
shoulder.  I have done slide to negative copies with mixed results.  The
contrast does rise - more than I'd like - and sharpness suffers.  I prefer
to use an inverted enlarger color head as a light source (constant,
adjustable and controllable) and fine tune color balance with the dial-in
filters.  It takes a few tries, but if you have a volume of slides to copy,
it is worth the effort.

Yeah, but the Nikon Cool Scan I dream of is a bit pricey.

Have you considered scanning?

  - George

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