[OM] E-10 Info (Was: Halloween photos; Digicam questions)

Subject: [OM] E-10 Info (Was: Halloween photos; Digicam questions)
From: Jim Terazawa <jimt@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 11:42:46 -0600

According to http://www.olympus.co.jp/LineUp/Digicamera/E10/e10.html
site, the E-10 MSRP is listed as 19,8000 Japanese yen
(~1,825USD with today's exchange rate).  It was already put on the
market beginning October 21, 2000.  I am not sure on the street price with this
hot item in Tokyo.  The discount outlets in Tokyo  usually have about 20% ~ 25%
off MSRP.  I also noticed from Oly's website that some spec and
accessory price changes on flash GN (GN 14 to 13).
They are explained at:

Jim Terazawa

Shawn Wright wrote:

> On 2 Nov 2000, at 8:05, John Hermanson wrote:
> > Yes, I picked up a 3030 too and so far I love it.  Will mostly be used for
> > my website, selling on eBay and my wife's art photography business (Lisa
> > produces slides of local artists work for use in competitions). Someone's
> > bound to eventually need  digitized versions of their art work too.
> >
> > 3030 samples:  http://www.zuiko.com/13Gal.HTML
> >
> Looks good, but the E-10 also looks interesting. Are there any estimates of
> price and availability yet? The C-3030 goes for about $1500 CDN here. I
> suspect the E-10 will be a lot more though...
> Shawn & Janis Wright
> swright@xxxxxxxxx
> http://Zuiko.sls.bc.ca/~swright
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