Re: [OM] T20 not working with non zuikos?

Subject: Re: [OM] T20 not working with non zuikos?
From: "John A. Lind" <jlind@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 14:09:15 +0000
At 15:44 11/2/00 , Tom Scales wrote:
>I'm no OM-10 expert, but are you setting it to 'manual'?  I think you need
>to (even if you don't have the manual adapter) to get flash to consistently
>work.  Others will correct me (I'm sure) if I am inaccurate.
>By the way, I've been to Spain a couple times and think it is just
>beautiful.  I had an opportunity to spend a week there right before
>Christmas, gasp, 11 years ago, and it was just enthralling (Barcelona).
>Later I returned for a visit to Madrid.
>Always business trips, so little fun, but enjoyable.

Ummm, I don't think so.  Having owned an OM-10 for 20 years, this is a new
one to me.  You have to use the T-20 in "Manual" (using Guide Numbers to
set aperture) or "Normal Auto" modes, with its calculator panel flipped so
that the calculator is showing.

The OM-10 cannot run "TTL Auto" with the "T" series flashes.  It has two
contacts on its hot shoe, the center one to trigger the flash, and the
other smaller one for a "flash ready" signal from flash to body.  The OM-10
viewfinder should show a "flash ready" light and shutter speed
automagically switch to 1/60th when the "flash ready" light comes on.
Switch the flash off, and it's as if it's not there.

One important caveat with the Manual Adapter!  You should _not_ have the
manual adapter plugged in to the body if you are using the flash!  This may
be your mistake.  If the manual adapter is plugged into the body, it the
shutter speed will be whatever shutter speed the manual adapter is set for!
 Been there, done that, once, many, many years ago, and learned my lesson
about it.  The manual for the adapter and the camera body recommends that
if you must have the manual adapter plugged in, then set it to 1/30th.  On
some OM-10's you could set it to 1/60th and get away with it, but on others
it would not quite sync properly, so Oly played it safe with recommending
the 1/30th.  Why this is I do not know, because the sync speed (without
manual adapter plugged in) is 1/60th.

-- John

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