[OM] [OT] As the Winder Turns, Part III, Flash Dance

Subject: [OM] [OT] As the Winder Turns, Part III, Flash Dance
From: "John A. Lind" <jlind@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 19:40:09 +0000
As the Winder Turns
(or John Shoots His First Wedding)

---=== Part III, Flash Dance ===---
(or: Who Knows What Evil Flaws Lurk on the Frames of Film? The Shadows Know!)

In the previous episode, our hapless hero seeks and obtains professional
help which he desperately needs.  Now he opens his camera bags to take
stock of what's on hand to do a wedding with.  He knows that with indoor
shooting of formal portraits and photojournalist reception work, light is
going to be *very* important!  It's going to have to fill some large
spaces, most likely in the church, but maybe also in a reception hall that
could have a tall ceiling.

[John begins pondering the flash setup in his mind]

Hmmmm, there's a T-32, T-20, and a Sunpak 383.  There's also a BG-2, some
cords, hot shoe adapters, and a Winder 2.  Of course, there's also the
OM-4, OM-1n, and the M645 with prism and hand grip for it (with shoe on top
of each).  OK, T-20 on hot shoe and T-32 on grip.  TTL Auto if set up on
the OM-4, and Normal Auto if on the OM-1n or Mamiya.  Work out the
effective GN for all this:
  Sqrt((104)^2 + (66)^2) = 123 (ISO 100, feet)
  ISO 100 film @ f/11 is a range of 11 feet; @ f/8 it's 15 feet.

  For ISO 160 film, Sqrt(1.6) * 123 = 156
  @ f/11 is a range of 14 feet and @ f/8 it's 19 feet.
  Better, but not in a cavernous church!
  The flash recharge time will be a killer too.

  For ISO 400 film, Sqrt(4) * 123 = 246
  @ f/11 it's 22 feet; @ f/8 it's 30 feet.
  That's closer, but the grain . . . for 645 it's OK, but in 35mm!

It's time to spend the birthday money on another T-32; something that's
always been desired.  Work the numbers again:
  Sqrt(2) * 104 = 147 (ISO 100, feet)
  ISO 100 film @ f/11 is a range of 13 feet; @ f/8 it's 18 feet.

  For ISO 160 film, Sqrt(1.6) * 147 = 186
  @ f/11 is a range of 17 feet and @ f/8 it's 23 feet.
  Hmmm, this should work for the reception @ f/8

  For ISO 400 film, Sqrt(4) * 147 = 294
  @ f/11 it's 27 feet; @ f/8 it's 37 feet.

Hmmmm, shoot at f/8 to keep some DOF behind the subjects; use Portra NC 400
in the church for the formals in "Bertha" (the M645) and Portra NC 160 at
the reception in the OM-4.

[An order to KEH for a T-32, a 0.3m cable, a wedding shoot with the pro later]

John:  "Wow, I have seen the light; I have seeeeeeen the light!  Egad, I've
also seen The Dark Side now too and I don't want to go there."

Alas, the flash setup is still lacking.  Horizontal it's OK, but verticals?
 Who knows what evil lurks on the frames of film?  The shadows know!  The
Dark Side has invaded the verticals, clinging to the side of the subject.
It's a spectre of the night looking to devour subjects.  It's not hard to
tell which direction the camera body was oriented.  It's also a clear
demonstration about the need to keep a flash _directly_ above a lens to
avoid flirting with The Dark Side.

Stay tuned for Part IV:  The Bracket Racket

-- John 

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