Re: [OM] It's alive !!!!!

Subject: Re: [OM] It's alive !!!!!
From: "Tom Scales" <tscales@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 22:31:17 -0600
You know it's funny, I had my original black OM-2, circa 1976 too, off the
shelf just today. Had it CLA'd recently too (along with my black OM-1MD).
Never sell either of them. I'm going to use the OM-2 the next soccer game
and add it back to my standard kit.  Might even sell the 2S and stick with a
three body kit, OM-4T, OM-2MD, OM-1MD.....how many more do you need?

Oldies, but goodies.


From: <DaEyeGuy@xxxxxxx>

> In a message dated 11/2/00 9:38:27 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> tscales@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > This camera was a part of me at one point and I didn't realize how much
> >  missed it.....it's traveled the world with me.  It is the only camera I
> took
> >  to China with me, oh so many years ago. I have a great shot of myself,
> >  standing on the great wall, taken by a Chinese tourist.
> oh..you made me go get my old '76 black OM2 and stroke it..I feel the same
> way about it..it trekked all over Europe and Asia, took me thru the birth
> my child, and is still singing along (thanks to John)....we'll grow old
> together!
> ahhh..good 'ole OM memories...
> Susan

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