[OM] Focusing screen disappointment

Subject: [OM] Focusing screen disappointment
From: "Kiker, James" <James.Kiker@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 12:28:28 -0700
Hi list,
I recently bought a 2-4 screen off eBay, from Canada ($40 U.S. dollars + $10
insured shipping), represented as new in box.  It finally arrived today, and
I was very disappointed to find that it was a 1-13 in a 2-4 box.  Very
frustrating, since I was trying to replace my 1-13 in my OM-4Ti.  We've had
discussions in the past about buying and selling off eBay from other than
one's native country (U.S.A. in my case).  In this particular instance, I'll
probably get burned.  How can I prove, besides having good feedback, that I
didn't switch the screens myself?  If the seller agrees to allow me to
return it for a refund, I'll probably be stuck with $5-$10 more in shipping
costs.  Any thoughts on this?  This is my very 1st international deal out of
about 75-80 eBay deals.  Also, does anyone out there want to sell me a real
2-4, new or used?
James Kiker

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