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Subject: Re: [OM] Kodachrome Scans
From: "C.H.Ling" <chling@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 16:46:55 +0800
To most of the scanner users here the color accuracy is all depends on your
output device, if you view with your monitor you must have a proper
calibrated one, otherwise the brightness, contrast or even color may not be
right. It may not be the problem of your scanner or the software that came
with it.

I use film scanner since 1993, it took me a very long time to understand how
to make a right scan. With the LS2000 and Polaroid Propalette 8000 film
recorder I bought two years ago, I started to understand the direct output
from the LS2000 with Nikon's original software is very accurate. With just a
little level (not curve) adjustment I can get a duplicate slide which is
very close to the original. But on the monitor the scan never look that
brilliant as you watch the slide with light box, since the D range of your
monitor is not as good as the slide and most people hesitate to set the
monitor brightness to a value that is high enough for proper picture
viewing, since it will be too bright for reading characters.

To check the accuracy of your scan you should open a white box on your
monitor (e.g. open a new blank picture) put your slide in front of the white
box and compare with the scanned photo. It will eliminate the different in
color temperature between your monitor and lightbox, also provide a suitable
brightness for contrast comparison, that works very well for me.

At the mean time, I have tried to scan some K64 with LS2000, I didn't find
any color or contrast problem. But as mention before a little level
adjustment is needed but never complicated separate R,G,B or curve


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From: "Hans van Veluwen" <hcvanveluwen@xxxxxxxxx>

> Thanks, I'm convinced. I tried VueScan on a Sensia II slide that came out
> dull and muddy with NikonScan, and VueScans image was brighter, sharper
> had a much better colour balance. Also very "cool" that it supports
> Ice (CleanImage). Now why does a $900 scanner come with software that
> doesn't make the most out of it?
> hnz

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