Re: [OM] PayPal goes international at last!

Subject: Re: [OM] PayPal goes international at last!
From: Andrew Fildes <afildes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 10:15:05 +1100
I tried to register for Paypal's new International service but stalled when
it told me my phone number was invalid (still trying to sort that one out!).
The 'Personal' account is for up to $500 in any SIX months - obviously
designed to get you in but at a level that wouldn't hold you for long. The
Premium account is probably a better bet.
I think Billpoint is unpopular because it simply mails the seller an
International Money Order - which most buyers should be able to do anyway
(emphasis on SHOULD - it seems too hard for some!) It certainly isn't much
of a service when what you require is simple speed of payment through
direct funds transfer.
I'll probably end up registering with PayPal - I waited so long! - but I'll
ask them for a detailed clarification of all charges first. Shame their
sign up information pages don't lay it out more clearly.

>Andrew Fildes wrote:
>> 2.6% +30 cents for currency exchange alone? I think they only charge 1.9%
>> 25 cents for the actual service. Starts to look a tad expensive, no?
>> How do BidPay and Billpoint compare?
>>From a buyer's point of view BidPay charges you $5 for anything up to $100,
>pro-rata after that, whereas Billpoint don't add to the cost of your money
>order but give you a dollar back instead. So for amounts up to $100, BidPay
>is always $6 dearer than Billpoint. Sadly though not many sellers will take
>Billpoint whereas almost anybody will accept BidPay even if their auction
>details didn't say so at the time.
>I've just heard from a Russian seller that BidPay's MOs aren't acceptable to
>the financial institutions there simply because the space for the
>purchaser's details is always left blank. Here's a warning to eBay bidders
>outside the USA on Russian Federation auctions that say that credit card
>payments can be made through CCNow, the Russian retail orgnisation: Their
>website says that they can take payments ONLY from US buyers, a fact that
>the seller was unaware of until I mentioned it.
>Larry wrote (about PayPal):
>> >You're charged when currency has to be converted from or to US dollars.
>> >charge is 2.6% + 30 cent transaction fee. That's it.
>Does this apply to buyers with Personal accounts? I went through the motions
>of registering with them for an international Personal account and their
>chart implied that everything is free as long as no more than $500 per month
>is paid to you. More than that and you get switched to a Business account -
>and charged accordingly.
>Keith Berry, Birmingham, UK.

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