[OM] Lenses FS

Subject: [OM] Lenses FS
From: "LARS BUNDESEN" <lars.bundesen@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 22:23:35 +0100
As I have a few lenses and other equipment I want to sell, I'll offer these
items to the Zuiko-hobbyists on the list before selling them elsewhere. If
you are interested, please contact me offlist.
I offer a money back guarantee if you buy something and the item does not
work OK or is not as described.

Zuiko 300 mm/4.5, excellent condition. Some scratches on the tripod socket,
otherwise very fine.
MC, I think, does not say so, but says "lens made in Japan" and not a
F.Zuiko model.
Includes "leather" case and Olympus box.
300 US$, 660 DM, 2500 DKK.

Zuiko 300 mm/4.5. MC. Some paint wear on aperture ring etc., a couple of
small marks on front glass. Tripod socket missing. No case. Not a
showpiece, but a cheap way to get a good work lens.
200 US$, 450 DM, 1700 DKK.

Tokina AT-X 80-200 mm/2.8. Excellent condition. Includes tripod socket and
"leather" case.
Fast, yet pretty compact for a fast telezoom. 300 US$,  660 DM, 2500 DKK.

Zuiko 200 mm/4. (SC, silvernose). Excellent cond., including case. 100 US$,
225 DM, 850 DKK.

Zuiko 65-200 mm/4. Excellent cond., including case. 235 US$, 525 DM, 2000

Zuiko 28 mm/3.5. Excellent cond. 45 US$, 105 DM, 400 DKK.

Zuiko 135 mm/3.5. Excellent. cond. 45 US$, 105 DM, 400 DKK.

Zuiko 50 mm/1.4 MC (<1 mill.) Excellent cond. 55 $, 125 DM, 475 DKK.

Zuiko 2X-A converter. Excellent condition. 120 US$, 265 DM, 1000 DKK.

QA 310 flash, including 0.6 m cord (TTL flash with OM 2 non-N model). 45
US$, 105 DM, 400 DKK.

OM 10 body. Excellent cond. Including manual adapter. Works 1000K.
70 US$, 160 DM, 600 DKK.

Lars Bundesen

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