[OM] General bits and one FS ...

Subject: [OM] General bits and one FS ...
From: Reuben Acciano <rubydoomsday@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 04:16:40 -0500 (EST)

I have finally decided that - despite it's lurvely performance - that the
extra stop of my 24mm f2 is not as important to me as its lower weight/size
sibling. Plus I've got said sibling picked up at a bargain price this
weekend. Offering for sale here first because I know you lot appreciate the
finer things in life.

The 24 mm f2 is in VGC++ or EXC- cond, all glass perfect, all rings
positively turning/clicking as required. Oly front and rear caps, I pay
international air freight w/insurance upon receipt of a money order in US
funds of


I am sorry I am so technically inept as to not be able to put photos of this
rare-ish superwide on a website (which I don't have). I'm working on having
more of an online personality, as well as making it easier to take part in
TOPE's and other Oly related virtual community stuff. I'm an honest Zuik,
though, and am open to negotiation within reason should any eventual buyer
feel I have misrepresented myself.

Mail me off list if you're interested.

I will also take any objectionable 40mm f2's off unsatisfied owners. <G>

I have whittled down my excesses and am nearing the IDEAL
travel/photojournalism kit. Also - had  a Doris Fang moment again (when will
my luck run out ...) LNIB T20 for AUD $30 in a Cash Converters last week.
That's $16 to you US blokes.

Other than that, be good and be good to each other.


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