Re: [OM] TTL Shoe Cord T 0.6m Question

Subject: Re: [OM] TTL Shoe Cord T 0.6m Question
From: "John A. Lind" <jlind@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 13:20:47 +0000

At 17:32 11/7/00 , Hans asked:
>Btw, this is the first time I've read that this retracting mechanism of the
>T32 and T20 serves to prevent shortening the TTL pins when they're mounted
>on generic shoes. So there's no need to use cold shoes for off-camera flash?

It _only_ retracts the two forward pins for "flash ready" and "flash
quench."  It does _not_ retract the center contact for triggering the
flash.  So, if you have a solid metal cold shoe, it will still short the
flash trigger contact to ground . . . and you will not be able to fire it
through the TTL socket on the side.

Also be cautious of some bracket cold shoes which presume you will wire a
PC or TTL cord to the flash.  They have a slot down the middle to keep the
center contact on a generic flash (Sunpak 383 or Vivitar 283/285) from
shorting to ground.  This same slot will keep the other two pins from
retracting on a T-32 or T-20, and if the slot is narrow enough, they will
short out.

-- John

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