[OM] RE: olympus-digest V2 #1957

Subject: [OM] RE: olympus-digest V2 #1957
From: François Rossi <f.rossi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 13:30:59 -0000
Hi Everyone,

New to this list, I don't know if people introduce themselves but here goes:

I'm French, living in the UK, and my Olympus gear is a newly acquired OM-2
with Winder II, Bounce Grip, Quick Auto 310 flashgun and various Zuiko,
Zykkor and Sigma lenses.

A few queries:

- is there a UK site equivalent to www.micro-tools.com ?

- what is the cable lodged under the bounce grip, where does it plug (no
manual for it).

- what would the 250 film back, loader and cartridges cost second-hand (any
currency) ?

- what second-hand dealers would UK list members recommend ?

Thanks for your answers.

Francois Rossi

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