Re: [OM] lens "contrast"; keystoning; SCSI card

Subject: Re: [OM] lens "contrast"; keystoning; SCSI card
From: DAVDOU9211@xxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 22:28:47 EST
I usually read the messages in the group and some I save to "Filing Cabinet". 
 The discussion that Doris offers I printed and will keep.  

It speaks to the very essence of why I am involved with Photography in 
general and Olympus and the Zuiko optics in particular.   Each person's 
vision and interpretation is subjective.  One has only to look at the famous 
French impressionists and read the history of that genre to understand that 
objectivity cannot be readily applied to art.

I love the diversity of images that one can produce in photography.  It can 
be a cathartic release or a way to pay the bills.  It doesn't matter.  Just 
do it!  See the scene with your own eyes and let your own interpretation be 
the arbitor of what you shoot.  You can do it to suit others (if  you are 
shooting for hire ) or you can do it to suit yourself.  Few produce fine 
photos adhering to the former.

My two cents worth.

Dave Dougherty
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