Re: [OM] Homebrewed flash bounce/diffuser

Subject: Re: [OM] Homebrewed flash bounce/diffuser
From: "John A. Lind" <jlind@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 20:53:48 +0000
At 05:39 11/12/00 , Lex Jenkins wrote:
>John Lind's flash setup reminded me of one of my own.  Here's what I use to 
>shoot small items, mostly to illustrate stuff for eBay, etc.
>It's the Marie Callender Special.  "Her" pie plates are pretty stiff and 
>hold their shape well after pounding into a rough dome.  I used some 
>stainless steel mixing bowls as a form during the shaping.
>The rest is pretty easy: a white styrofoam picnic plate; a flash unit facing 
>backward; a non-hot shoe elevating/angle adaptor; and a sync cord.  Very 
>lightweight, perfect within six feet or so.  Haven't tried it yet on people 
>but I'm sure it'll work fine within a limited range.

Hmmmm:  "Come for the macros, stay for the pie."
Ooops, wrong script, wrong restaurant.
[You have to be somewhere with a "Baker's Square" and see their advertising
to fully understand.]


I've seen jury-rigged strobe umbrellas homebrewed from lining an rain
umbrellas with the shiny side of aluminum [aluminium] foil.  It's
impossible to fold 'em up afterward and use 'em a second time, but it works.

You might try covering the pie tin with a white muslin or some white fabric
heavy enough to diffuse the light sufficiently, but not absorb it as much
as the styrofoam plate does.  This could get you some additional range.

-- John

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