[OM] Wedding tips?

Subject: [OM] Wedding tips?
From: "Stephen Border" <sborder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 06:27:15 +1000
Well I've been manoeuvred into shooting my stepsons wedding in February and
I'm starting to think seriously about what I'll be using and getting some
practice in before the big day.

Any comments or advice re gear, film, technique or escape plans would be
most welcome :-)

Gear: I've got OM4ti,4,2sp and a 1n that I can use, 3 Winder 2s and an
offbrand winder with built in timer. Flash are T45, T32&BG2, 2xT20 assorted
cables and multi connector, as well as an F280.  Available glass is 24/2.8,
28/2.8, 40/2, 50/1.8 (of course), 100/2.8, 200/4 28-48/4, 35-70/4, 75-150/4,
100-200/5 and 65-200/4. Oh and an IS1000 with G40 & 1.5x converter and a
Yashicamat 124g.

If that sounds like I've been using the wedding as an excuse to further my
Zuikoholism I must plead guilty. But it's getting close to the time where
outstanding payment is due.

The wedding is going to be held in a wooded nature reserve beside a beach in
Tasmania around midday.

I've been reading the various recent wedding posts as well as the digest and
am wondering about the practicality of the following

Film - Kodak Portra 160 and 400 NC or VC, possibly depending on the weather
and lighting conditions. I've bought a roll of each to try, since I can't
really get a good idea of the differences from the Kodak web pages. Both the
bride and groom like B&W so I'm wondering if it's worth adding another film
to this mix or simply use colour and print B&W as needed.

Gear - 4ti with F280 for fill flash if needed, 4 with the T45 or T32/BG2 for
fill (I have to fly with this stuff and the T45 is pretty heavy, esp with
charger), 2sp in program mode, with the offbrand winder on a tripod and set
to timer to get shots during the ceremony that I might otherwise miss (if I
get a couple of keepers from a roll I'll be happy).

Lenses would probably be 24,28,40 or 50,35-70,100 (my favourite portrait
lens) and maybe the 65-200 but I'm thinking I would mainly use the 100 for
the ceremony and maybe the 28 or 40 for the group shots.

I'll probably also use the IS1000 & G40 just to make sure I get at least
some keepers after the inevitable brain fade hits and to shoot the
reception.  And I'll take a bucket load of batteries of all types.

Then I wonder if I'm just trying to use all this gear to justify it's
purchase to my SO and maybe I should try and keep it as simple as possible.
Sorry for all the questions but I mainly do landscapes, I'm on a steep
learning curve with this.


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