[OM] Leathers for OM's

Subject: [OM] Leathers for OM's
From: "M. Sparks" <msparks@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 14:23:25 -0500
A few months ago I tried to drum up interest in genuine leather
body covers for OM's.  I got a decent response, and committed some 
resources of my business to that end.  I've got about 30 sets of
leather looking for homes, which I'd like to offer here first.

I'm into this thing, dollar-wise, a little deep.  Some will consider
this (rightly) a commercial post, and I won't repeat it.  But I think
all list members will enjoy looking at their favorite cameras dressed up
in some outrageous clothing. The purists will be offended.  I'm offended
by some of these myself!

I'm really grateful for the support of list members.  Two individuals I
have never met sent me OM gear for fitting.  To them and all here who've
helped me enjoy photography more:  Thank You!  

Please reply off-list.  I'm a digest subscr*ber and a week behind. 
Here's the page:


Morgan Sparks

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