Re: [OM] slide duplicator ques

Subject: Re: [OM] slide duplicator ques
From: HI100@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 05:04:39 EST
spknsprkt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< for us  hobbyists the best choice is probably the SE duplicating film 
SO-366 which  is balanced for electronic flash. >>

This is the film I did a fair amount of duping with some time back. The EI is 
around 20.  My memory is a little different in that the recommended start 
filter pack for each film batch was balanced for incandescent not 
daylight/Flash. I seem to remember  adding another filter correction when 
using flash. 
       If the original was well exposed the results seemed pretty good. And 
my results seemed better than mass produced commercial dupes done on other 
peoples slides which we shared from the same trip. 
       I previously posted filter pack information for different light 
sources when this was discussed on the list. You could check the archives 
from a long time back for more discussion and to check if my memory is 

                 Tim Hughes

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