Re: [OM] Another great example of eBay condition accuracy

Subject: Re: [OM] Another great example of eBay condition accuracy
From: "Keith Berry" <k.berry@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 12:41:52 -0000
Lex wrote:
> I had a similar experience with an eBay seller.  Perfectly innocent - he's
> seller of general collectibles, not camera gear...

Yes, in my short but concentrated experience of eBay, I've found sellers to
be remarkably good. I mentioned earlier the sale that almost fell through
because the Russian CCNow wouldn't accept credit card payments from anywhere
other than the US. I told the seller that I could only write personal
cheques (checks) in Sterling and she(?) opened a bank account in
Deutschmarks in order to handle it. When I said I'd posted my cheque she
*immediately* posted the Kiev 4a, which I received a week ago but she only
received my cheque yesterday. Remarkable, yet this was a seller with
'shades' and no feedback under her new identity.

To follow up the problem I had with the German seller who didn't respond to
my winning bid for 26 days because he was in hospital, I've now received the
half frame mounts from both auctions together with my change in
Deutschmarks. His posted response to my neutral feedback defeated both my
limited German and Babelfish, but I gather that he wasn't pleased! I've
posted "alles nun OK" to his response. Alles wohl that ends wohl!

Keith Berry

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