[OM] Modifying Olympus Screen

Subject: [OM] Modifying Olympus Screen
From: "Hal Landvoigt" <hal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 16:16:18 -0800
I'd like to take a basic 1-3 or 1-13 screen and put a grid on it similar
to the 1-10 screen.  However I would like the grid to follow the "Rule
of Thirds".  I'm not planning to use this 1000f the time, rather I
would just like something that visually reminds me to think about
composition.  Since I've never actually seen a 1-10 screen I'm not sure
how the lines are put on it.  Are they scribed into it or is some sort
of ink/paint used?  I've thought about using something like a scratch
awl and a small steel rule to scribe lines onto the smooth side of the
screen.  Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

Hal Landvoigt

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