[OM] Sydney buyers...

Subject: [OM] Sydney buyers...
From: Dylan <dsut4392@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 19:39:22 +1100
Finally bought myself a winder2, from Whilton camera service next to
Hyde Park. Got a fair price ($220 in excellent condition, 12 month
warranty), and had a long chat with one of the guys working there
(Peter). While he aint a zuikoholic, he does share some of the common
hobbies on this list being a climber and caver from way back (as well as
a keen photographer). Seemed like genuinely nice folks, and look forward
to doing business with them again (he's on the lookout for a T20
autoconnector for me!).
In terms of Zuiko gadgets, there were the lenses I've previously
mentioned (35 shift, 300/4.5, 35-70/3.6, 180/2.8 etc) as well as a
number of shoe2 and shoe3, some focusing screens and a cord for the
Dylan (no financial connection etc)

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