Re: [OM] Zuiko 35mm vs. Medium Format

Subject: Re: [OM] Zuiko 35mm vs. Medium Format
From: Simon Evans <sje@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 21:04:36 GMT
Mike Swaim wrote:

>Then I carefully developed both
>120 rolls, (30 frames) and one 35mm roll, (36 frames) in Ilfosol S mixed
>for finest grain and highest resolution (1:9).

Ilford don't recommend Ilfosol-S as the best developer for 400asa films,
though it is a good allround one-shot developer. The sheet that accompanies
it says: "It is particularly suited to developing medium and slow speed
films such as FP4 Plus and Pan F Plus." Ilfosol-S was discussed recently on
the Pure Silver mailing list, and one person said it didn't give full speed,
and that halving the ASA rating of your film was recommended. I haven't
tried it yet, so wouldn't like to comment.

>That kind of performance out of a sometimes scoffed at 35mm lens, is pretty
>darn good.

I have had particularly fine (and pleasing) results from my SC 35 f2.8. Yes
I know, I keep harping on about this lens, but I'm pleased to hear that it
held up well against results from the 6x45cm format. Could the less
impressive results from others who have used this lens be the results of
poor samples? How many have been dissatisfied with theirs? All you 35 f2.8
owners, you can come out of the closet, be proud!

If you enlarge the 35mm frame to 10x8" it is an 8.5x enlargement, compared
to 4.7x for 6x45cm, and for those who are interested, 6x7cm works out at
3.8x. The differences would be more obvious when using slower films and
recording subjects with more detail and texture.

Simon E.

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