RE: [OM] The Big Picture

Subject: RE: [OM] The Big Picture
From: "Brian P. Huber" <bphuber@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 19:43:02 -0500
It has become increasingly aware to me that I have too much "stuff".  I've
purchased what I use and a lot that I don't.

It is time for me to what I have and use and to make available to others
what I don't intend to use.  Therefore:

 1. F280 Olympus Flash.  This is the one that can work on any OM body, but
was designed for the T(i).  Gives FP exposures up to easily 1/1000 sec.  I
just don't use it for its capabilities.  It is time for someone who wants
that function to be able to use it.  Condition is excellent.  Price is $125
+ shipping.

 2. F Series TTL cord.  .6 meters, coiled.  For the F series flash.
Condition excellent.  Price $25, shipping included.

 3. OM 2S.  I've had this for ~7 years, love it and trust it.  But, since I
acquired my uglee 4T, I've rarely used it.  Time to pass it on.  Condition
is excellent, hardly any brassing.  Someone previous to me did a little
"touch-up" on the back and around the film holder.  I used this body for
many years before I knew that they could have problems!  This one has worked
flawlessly.  Had it CLA'd in '96 just "cause", maybe it was a wise decision.
Condition, as I stated is excellent.  Price is $250.  Shipping +.

 4. OM PC.  Bought this for my son after his was stolen.  He bought one too.
We don't need two of them...  Condition is excellent +.  Hardly any
brassing, works very well.  Price $75, includes shipping.

 5. Tamron SP 17/3.5.  Has hard case, hood, box, and caps. Even has a case
for the hood! This is the newer version that DOES NOT have the built-in
filters. Will ship w/OM adapter.  I am in process of getting all 2.8 and
faster lenses 'cause I can't see well enough to focus 3.5 and slower. This
is a 3.5, so it will go.  Lens is mint-.  Not a scratch on it.  I'd consider
trades on this...  Price is $250.

 6.  My last Vivitar 5600 flash w/zoom head.  This thing is powerful.  GN is
120 in feet @100 ISO.  Covers 28-105mm.  Has bounce and swivel.  Backlit LCD
panel that shows choice of 8 f/stops, automatic range, etc.  Has additional
choices of full, to 1/16 power.  Can interchange heads (bare bulb and
standard 35mm w/bounce reflector).  Can use the standard Vivitar SB4 cord or
High Voltage.  Has interchangeable modules to use on different camera
systems.  This one can be supplied w/OM adapter.  Canon, Nikon, Pentax and
others are often available.  The 5600 is a flash system that can be modified
and added to as needs arise.  Contact me for complete or parted prices.

 7. Vivitar DSC-3 Extension cord adapter for 5600 system (extends 5600 up to
2 feet from camera for extended TTL use)  $15

 8. I had an inquiry regarding a .6m coiled cord.  I had to go out of town
for a while and a young visitor managed to delete files while visiting my
son.  My son still lives!  The cord is still available for $20.  Let me know
who you are if still interested.  If you can send me copy of your sent file,
I will make sure you get it! Sorry!

 9. BG-2 w/Grip Strap, M-Grip Cord and Bracket (works great)    8.5 shape
slight brassing on bracket.  Price $100.

10. TTL Multi-connector  9 shape                                 $40

11. Original Olympus S hard case.  I bought this in '74.  It has had
excellent care and is in beautiful shape.  Looks virtually new.  Still have
the key!  Condition is at least an 8.5.  Price $25.

I have some miscellaneous items that are left from my post of 10/30.  If you
have an interest in any, contact me and we can likely work something out.  I
will be placing these items on eBay if not sold in the next two weeks.

As usual, you must approve of your purchase.  I will ship all items insured
unless otherwise instructed.


Brian P. Huber

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