[OM] Re: [OT] Diopters, Glasses, etc. and Lasik

Subject: [OM] Re: [OT] Diopters, Glasses, etc. and Lasik
From: Andrew Fildes <afildes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 17:26:43 +1100
>I understand lasik takes about 20 minutes to do and is the most overpriced
>medical procedure in the country, if not the world.
>John  Hermanson

20 mins each side for the actual horizontal procedure under a machine that
looks like it cost a couple of mill. Each side was done on different days -
i.e. two operations. There were two consultations and two detailed
examinations previously including corneal contour mapping (another
expensive machine!) and five checks afterwards. Apart from the specialist
surgeon, three other professionals and about fifteen ancilliary staff were
also involved. It cost me approx US$1500. Doesn't sound too steep. An
arthroscopy on one knee cost me about two thirds of one eye and was a much
cruder procedure, albeit longer, with less expensive machinery.
I'm not promoting the procedure - just trying to counter the 'unfair
criticism based on unreasonable expectation' response, as well as the
'tabloid horror story' urban myth response. It's a surgical procedure -
results aren't ever perfect, most people are happy, some aren't happy
regardless because they thought it would be perfect and some get a poor
Andrew (my knee still hurts a bit!)

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