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Subject: RE: [OM] ........which Metz......
From: "Brian P. Huber" <bphuber@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 17:26:33 -0500
In your post, you stated:
>34CS-2 can be used, but not for OM TTL.
> The Metz website said that this flash is made for non-AF
> cameras..... What cameras did they have in mind regarding this....... ?

About any non-AF camera, including OM.  Any 2 1/4 or one of the many cameras
still on the market that don't have AF.
Main function is as a slave flash.

>Why did they create such a flash ? no SCA adapter, no nothing
> ,..... what was the design intent ?

I would think to be used where you want a small flash with relatively high
output that could be triggered/controlled by one of the new Metz flash units
capable of remote control.  When one of those units (40 or 50) flashes, the
start/stop of the flash is output through the modeling light by special
frequencies.  That output is received by the CS-2 or another flash capable
of using the 3080 SCA adapter for remote control. Nikon has this capability
in the SU-4, Canon also in some of their flashes.  Ikelite has models that
will work with both Canon and Nikon.  Cost is ~$100 USD.

>The S-S2 would be
>used as a Auto-only flash,
> Whats a S-S2 ? Don't recall seeing this model .......

Oops, that was a typo!  Should have been CS-2!

> I guess the AF3 is out of the picture.......
> What would U recommend ........ something small......

I think the smallest TTL flash on the market is the T-20, unless you can
find a T-18.  Next thing to consider is if you need/want FP capability.  If
that is the case, the F280 is the only item available.  Small and powerful
are usually mutually exclusive in flash units.  You can have one, but not
the other.  Has mainly to do with the size of the capacitor and the
resultant charging circuit.

The CS-2 would work, but not TTL.  My opinion is that it would be
satisfactory for most flash work.  TTL with OM can be a bit of a problem if
there is a lot of contrast between subject and background.  In other words,
the flash can sometimes be more accurate than the camera/flash combination
in a 4 or 4T.

Brian P. Huber

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