[OM] WOW!!! OM system vs E-series

Subject: [OM] WOW!!! OM system vs E-series
From: David Irisarri <div2000@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 09:06:18 +0100
Hi Zuikholics,
        I must say that I´m very impressed with E-10 lens.
I gonna show you one reply from Olympus, according to OM
system and Zuiko line compared to new E-series. 
If someboby wants to go to this forum, here is the link!
I´ve also attached my letter and Olympus reply, here in this


Best regards,


Unofficial Olympus web page
OM system vs E-series
David Irisarri - 21 Nov - 10:51:10 AM

I´d like to know if this new Olympus E-series
 can be compared in terms of quality to Olympus
Zuiko lenses. For instance: Does CAMEDIA E-10
ED zoom can be compared to Zuiko 35-80 f2.8 in
sharpness and contrast? 
I love working with my OM4T, is the perfect
tool for zone system, center-weighted is very
accurate and 2pot metering is really amazing!
I hope with 1.2 0.000000ound in E-10 you´ll be able to
do previsualization even better! But light 
metering can be compared to OM4T´s OTF? I have
one C-2500L and I can´t say good things
about it! I love Olympus phylosophy, but this
camera has a terribly bad light metering system,
very poor quality wide open, only two apertures,
CCD noise ultra high! Don´t try usign ISO 200.
I´d like to know if I could work with the same
precision of my OM4T? 
I can´t help stop thinking about why Olympus
don´t develop a new OM digital series. Digital
OTF, multispot metering, modify EV values into
one scene controling CCD sensibility (no more
filters needed). Why spend so money in aspherical
aberrations if you can eliminate them by software
bearing in mind Olympus optical design? What
about grin-glass? 


Actually teh E-10 lens has to be 3-4 times sharper than the OM Lens 
just to be the same. A 35mm lens has to resolve to the equivalent of 10 
microns for film, the E-10 lens has to resolve to less than 4 microns. 
The C-2500L is not the E-10, which has an Olympus lens (same group 
as the Zuiko came from) and a totally differen design philosophy. The 
metering is very good (not multispot but is is OTF(CCD) and also has a 
multi-pattern meter and center-weighted meter. Check out some of the
images at camediagallery.com
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