[OM] Problem with FTL 135mm lens

Subject: [OM] Problem with FTL 135mm lens
From: Mike Bloor <mike@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 20:43:47 +0000
I have bought an FTL 135mm lens from ebay. It's in reasonable condition - looks like it's has a UV filter on from new. The problem is that there is loose play between the camera end part of the lens (mount/aperture ring/depth of field indicator) and the rest of the lens. The free part of the lens can droop slightly off axis. I don't know if it related, but the focus movement has one sector (about 15 degrees) which is much looser that the rest.

Have I bought a lemon, or is this something which can be fixed at a reasonable price.

I don't actually have an FTL yet - anyone who wants to sell me one please get in touch.

Mike Bloor

        Mulrany, Westport,
        Co. Mayo, Ireland.

   Telephone: + 353 (0) 98 36244
   Fax:       + 353 (0) 98 36024

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