[OM] T32 base and self made Power Generator 1 ?!

Subject: [OM] T32 base and self made Power Generator 1 ?!
From: rudy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Ruediger Betzold)
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 22:34:48 +0100 (MET)
in a thread two weeks or so ago:
>John H tells me it is the same as the base of the T32.
as I mentioned I thought this already

John H. on your web side you list the T Power Generator 1 and the macro 
flashes as still available. Here in Germany all Oly shops say these parts 
are no more available. Do you habe some in stock or just forgot to update
your side ?

now the real question I have:

What parts for repair for the T Power Control 1 are still available.
Thought about self converting a T32, getting the flash tube out 
and putting the connector for the T28/T10/T8 in the slot.
are there only two cables from the connector that must be connected 
to the then former cables of the flash tube ?
What would be the price for this 'replacement' parts ?

The reason I ask is cause i found a new never used single T28 for $50 !


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