Re: [OM] Zuiko 35mm vs. Medium Format

Subject: Re: [OM] Zuiko 35mm vs. Medium Format
From: "SAMUEL MORALES" <dolphans1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 16:29:41 -0600
Medium format should always beat out 35mm film in every application.
Not so!!!  Medium format lacks the spontaneity of the small format for
rapidly progressing events (e.g., war journalism, candid photography,
classic street photography, etc.)  All of the three formats have their
strengths and weaknesses and ideally should be used accordingly.


John there is always an exception to the rule on anything in life, that is
why I used the word, should. You can always think of a million scenarios
where  35mm might have an advantage. What I am reffering to is a head to
head comparisons on subjects being equal.

When the Federal Building in Okalahoma was blown up, I believe a
construction appraiser who carried a point and shoot camera, got the famous
snap shot of the fireman holding the child, whom later expired at a later
date, what a tragic event. There was a lawsuit on who owned the rights to
that photo, the employer or the employee. Fortunately the employee won the
rights to the photo. (Also Wallmart employee stole a copy of the photo
during 1 hr processing and sold the photo as well. He had to cough up as
well, and believe he was fired)

But the point I'm making is, we can make the argument in the above case,
that a point in shoot camera is better than an SLR, for a million other

But in reference to the original post, medium format will should always beat
out 35mm film with all matters being equal. Especially when you start to
enlarge the image over 8X10. This is a common basic argument in photography
that is equally universal and understood.


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