Re: [OM] Slide projector advice

Subject: Re: [OM] Slide projector advice
From: Richard Schaetzl <Richard.Schaetzl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 15:54:58 +0100

Mark Dapoz schrieb:

> I once owned a Leica P150 (actually a Kinderman)

Some time ago Leica bought the manufactor of Zeiss Ikon projectors
Zett. The P150 was the lowest end Zeis Ikon/Zett projector and is now
the low end projector of Leica.

Before Leica bought Zett, Kinderman made the middle class Leica

> Buy a good projector
> the first time around and you'll save money in the end.

A projector is the complementary to an camera, so buy the best you can
to enjoy the quality of Zuiko lenses.

The projecting lens is most important factor for quality projecting,
the projectors body is "only" responsible for trouble free work.

> Stick with a fixed focal length unless you really need a zoom.

I might add, don't buy that el cheapo plastic lens usualy bundled with
the projector to save some bucks.
Practicaly any manufactor has a series of much higher quality
projecting lenses, normaly moderatly priced (150US$ new). Most
manufactors don't make their own lenses, but buy it from specialized
companies like ISCO, Docter, Schneider etc., so the brand name printed
on the lens might not that important.

> > Lens Manufacturer?
> > My research seems to indicate that I should stay away from Kodak lenses.

AFAIK Kodak does buy their lenses from OEMs, the Pro lens series of
Kodak are normaly state of the art, but while buying it new, you might
get the lens cheaper  under the OEMs brand (like Docter, or ISCO).

> > What about Buhl, Schnieder or Rollei?
> Schnieder lenses are very good as are the Leica lenses.  I believe you can
> now get an adapter for the Leica lenses to fit Kodak projectors.

Since Leica now sells an modified Ektapro projector (realy improved),
you can get Leica lenses for Kodak type lens mounts.

Best regards


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