RE: [OM] My Macro Stuff (Was Advance Notice)

Subject: RE: [OM] My Macro Stuff (Was Advance Notice)
From: "Brian P. Huber" <bphuber@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 23:40:09 -0500
I can't believe the response I've had to this!  Had no idea...
Anyway, I had to get all my stuff out and inventory it.  I shouldn't have
said anything until I was ready.

Here's the list of stuff with comments.  Some  folks are considering
offering to buy the whole thing.  I will consider trades (21/3.5, IS-30) in
addition to cash.

Some folks might find the B Adapter interesting.  I hadn't noticed this
until this morning that it had the "M System" logo on it.

All the items are at least a 9 condition.

1 Macrophoto Stand VST-1,

1 B Adapter  (this has the "M System" logo on it)

1 VST-E Extension Bar

1 Trans-illuminator base X-DE with wooden arm rests and flat/convex mirror
(no illuminator in base).  Mine came with a metal "socket" for the
illuminator, but no light.

1 Auto Bellows

1 Double cable release

1 slide duplicator

1 PM-MTob mount

1 38mm/3.5 objective lens, in plastic box

1 38mm Lieberkuhn reflector

1 38mm Incident Illuminator Housing PM-EL 38 (I have stored this in a
Schneider Componon box)

1 Centering Mirror PM-EL (this has a scratch on side of mirror, but NOT on

1 Clear Stage plate w/black and white interrupters

1 45mm stage plate (still in original bag)

1 Black/white stage plate (totally opaque)

1 mechanical stage FM

1 mechanical stage plate 28mm (has 3 holes to mount stage FM)

2 LSD illuminators (the 7" version) Have Micro Optics sticker on them.  Had
to acquire these from the microscope dealer since they were unavailable
through Ponder and Best in '75.

5 bulbs for LSD

2 rectangular blue filters for LSD illuminator (unopened)

1 non-Olympus power supply (from Micro Optics Company, an Olympus microscope
dealer)  10 volts AC output, 110 VAC in

1 135/4.5 Auto macro w/hood and caps, no case

1 65-116 Auto Extension tube (tube does not have tripod ring, but optics are
"clear") (:>)

With the exception of the 135 and 65-116 tube, I acquired all the gear in
~'75 when I worked for Ponder and Best, the US distributors of Olympus. I
used these at product demonstrations to show the capabilities of OM compared
to the "competition". To be "safe", I placed 1/4" stick-on blue dots on my
equipment so that it wouldn't disappear when showing to customers. Those
dots are still on some of the items.

Brian Huber

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