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Subject: [OM] Olympus Books
From: François Rossi <f.rossi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 10:51:06 -0000
Talking about books, I saw the 'modern classics olympus' book at my local
Jessops for £10.95, had a browse and thought it was not worth the money.

I recently purchased two books which I would recommend.

The first one, second hand, is 'a short course in Olympus photography' by
Barbara London, 2nd ed. 1983, Curtin & London, Inc., Massachussetts, ISBN
0-930764-55-2, originally at $12.50.

Very complete and informative. Its large format also makes it easy to read
and presents a topic on two pages. Lots of colour and gear pictures.
Unfortunately, it's probably out of print.

The second is written in French BUT it's still available. It's called
'Olympus OM-1 OM-2 OM-10' by various authors, Editions VM, ISBN 2862580023,
cost of 65FF or 9.91 euros. It's an excellent book, perhaps not as complete
on gear description but very technical. The differences between the OM-1 and
OM-2 are extremely well explained and very detailed in what they entail. The
history of the OM system development up to 1979 is also very good. A book
I'd definitely recommend to French speaking readers. Of course, it's got
nothing on the OM-3/4(ti) since it's simply the OM-1 OM-2 edition of 1979
that was slightly revised to include the OM-10.

Another French book I'd like to find but which is currently out of print
even though it was originally published recently in 1999 is 'Histoire des
appareils photo Olympus', Editions Dessain et Tolra, 1999, ISBN 224927679X,


Francois Rossi

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