[OM] Ultra 50 (looking for source or subsitute)

Subject: [OM] Ultra 50 (looking for source or subsitute)
From: atk@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: 29 Nov 2000 14:26:57 -0000
I took some morning pictures with Reala (not superia reala) and Ultra 50. 
The ultra 50 picked up the red in the sky and reflecting off the water while
the Reala ignored the red (totally -- I was shocked).

Anyways I'm either looking for a few rolls of ultra 50 (35mm) or suggestions
for a subsitute film. I don't mind if the film has a little more details and
a little less contrast than Ultra 50 (in this regard Reala seemed better) but
I would like more red than the Reala picked up). These are scenic shots that
I can reshoot so I can experiment a little (though I might end up waiting till
spring if it gets too cold (in boston)). I'd prefer print film but might
be willing to try slide (pain/expensive to print slide).


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