[OM] Re: [OT] Huon Pines, etc.

Subject: [OM] Re: [OT] Huon Pines, etc.
From: "Lex Jenkins" <lexjenkins@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 22:38:52
This same process, with the added factors of mineral enriched water and open-grained wood like oak, results in the creation of petrified wood.

In Texas I see mostly oak preserved as petwood. In other areas I suspect other petwoods, such as hickory, might be prevalent.
Lex Jenkins
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Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 09:46:02 -0500
From: Dirk Wright <wright@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [OM] Re: [OT] Huon Pines, etc.

...Underwater logging is fast becoming a huge business. Here in the 'states, just as in many other places in the world, logs were floated down river to a mill. Well, many of them sank....and they were all old growth prime timber. If the water is deep enough and cold enough, most anything will not rot, so there is much of this going on in Lake Superior and in Canada. Rot resistant speices like Cypress are being logged underwater in the southeast US...

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