[OM] OM30 Manual

Subject: [OM] OM30 Manual
From: "John O'Regan" <john.oregan@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 11:56:12 +0000
I have tried the number under John Hermanson's signature for a free manual,
but its not toll-free from the UK so I gave up waiting, after listening to
advertisements for 5 minutes at international call rates (8pm GMT).

What I want is an Instruction Manual for my recently acquired OM30 (OMF).
Oldtimer Cameras here in UK want £17.50 for an original or £7.95 for a
photocopy. There is one for sale on UK Ebay and I've put in a proxy type
bid for it but I've lost too many of those to be very hopeful.

Another problem: the OM30 seems to be suffering from 'Sticky Magnet' on the
first shot; any cure other than full overhaul? Any repairer I've used in
the past has just done a full service, at a highish cost, to fix problems
on other cameras. Anyone recommend a good repairer here in UK?


Milder today, and the outlook is good.

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