[OM] RE: olympus-digest V2 #1993

Subject: [OM] RE: olympus-digest V2 #1993
From: Ross Waite <rmwaite@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 11:10:10 +1000
G'day all

On Thursday, November 30, 2000 2:52 AM, olympus-digest 
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> olympus-digest      Wednesday, November 29 2000      Volume 02 : Number 
> As far as basic reliability goes, I don't know whether Carousels are more 
> less reliable than other projectors. I do know they use nylon components 
> can be slowly destroyed by heat. It happened to me, and I had to tear the
> projector apart to replace the defective piece. Fortunately, there was a 
> Kodak man on the phone who guided me through the un-obvious parts of the
> repair.
> "The other occasion was much more entertaining (though not for my poor
> colleague who was presenting his doctoral research to a group of 
> visitors), involving at least every second slide either being shot up 
> meters in the air (they hit the ceiling) or jamming in the machine. The
> presentation ended when one of his slides terminally jammed inside the
> projector, preventing both advance to the next frame and removal of the
> carousel."
> The only way slides can shoot into the air is if the retaining ring isn't 
> back on the tray!

I recently bought 2 Carousels very cheaply along with a programmable 
dissolve unit.  Both projectors shoot slides at least 1 meter into the air. 
 I have been told by an "expert" that it is a common problem with the 2050 
model.  It seems this model has a more powerful motor compared to its 
predecessors (for faster slide changes), but the slide tray advance lever 
is the same gauge as the older models.  Heavy use leads to bending of the 
advance lever caused by the extra torque of the motor.  Once the lever is 
bent, the tray does not move quite as far as it should with each slide 
change.  The slide usually drops into position OK, but when it is ejected, 
the slide mount can catch on the partition of the slide tray (the plastic 
between each slide).  The lever that is ejecting the slide continues to 
press upwards with some force, and either the projector jams, or the slide 
suddenly gives way and shoots high into the air.

The only solution is to replace the advance lever; it cannot be 
straightened.  This is a laborious process on the 2050 model as there is a 
lot of dismantling required to get to the advance lever.  I have yet to 
attack mine.  (Don't let this put you off this model projector, they are 
terrific machines.  I  believe that with average domestic use you will 
never experience the problem.  I think my machines were 
ex-industrial/commercial use.)

Ross Waite 

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