[OM] Slide/Photo Catalog Programs

Subject: [OM] Slide/Photo Catalog Programs
From: WKato@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 10:49:23 EST
A couple of months ago I posted a query as to what was a good program that 
could be used for cataloging photos and got back some good suggestions.

I have found a evaluation program for which I will buy the full updated copy 
of a program called ACDSee. It sort of configures like Windows Explorer but 
also has a preview window that can pop up a thumbnail of a .JPG or .BMP file. 
A double click gives you a full screen version of the photo. There's also a 
space for a memo field. <A HREF="http://www.acdsystems.com/index.htm";>ACD 
SYSTEMS - Digital Image Viewing and Management,   </A>
I downloaded the classic shareware edition to play with.

If I had the brains, time, money, expertise, drive, chutzpah, etc. this is 
what I would have designed.

I often scan stuff at work on a flatbed but had trouble transporting the 
files from work to home on a floppy. I discovered http://floppycenter.com 
which allows file transfer of a file as large as 10 mb.



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