RE: [OM] Canadians purchasing from the US

Subject: RE: [OM] Canadians purchasing from the US
From: mabeyd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Don Mabey)
Date: 01 Dec 2000 14:43:40 -0400
Hi All:

Recently I purchased a 50 f1.4 lens and an OM 2sp through list members.

In both cases, following a discussion on the list about Purolator and their 
machinations in the delivery of parcels to Canada, I asked that the items be 
forwarded to me via the US Postal Service.  Both were so mailed.  One by 
regular mail and the other by Express Post.

The other day I received an invoice from PBB Global Logistics "for duties and 
taxes paid to Revenue Canada via Purolator Courier."  I called the enclosed 
number and asked what this was about since my parcel had been mailed via the US 
Postal Service, how were they involved?  I was advised that all US Postal 
Service Express Post mail is handled in Canada by Purolator and they, acting on 
my behalf, looked after all matters associated with getting the parcel to me - 
in this case the lens. Would I please remit accordingly.

The camera came through to me without contact with Purolator.

Thought Canadian purchasers might find this of interest.


Don Mabey

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