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Subject: (Fwd) [OM] Roll call
From: "Giles" <cnocbui@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 19:53:54 +0000
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Subject:       [OM] Roll call
Date:          Thu, 30 Nov 2000 18:04:51 -0000

Steve Wright (still lurking)

County Durham
North East England

O.K. - I'll come clean and say a few words, then I'll cease to be only

My addiction to Zuikoholism started only last March when I inherited my
father's 'mint' OM1 f1.4 and T20 flash (he probably hadn't put more than 6
rolls of film through it during his 22 years of ownership).  I used to be
'into' photography some 23 years ago before, marriage, wife and children
took over...  Anyhow, I remember when first handling this 'mint' OM1 how,
back in 1970's, I earned a paltry wage as a lad and couldn't afford one, so
I had to stick with my Fujica SLR (with standard lens) and my trusty
Yashicamat TLR (still miss that one, though).

So, some 20 odd years later, to be able to given this pristine luxurious
mechanical marvel of photographic engineering and access to its OM system
accessories was irresistible. During this year I have acquired an OM4 body
(I love it), f1.8 58mm, f3.5 135 mm, 75 - 150 zoom, Zuiko 2X converter,
f3.5 35 - 70 zoom, f2.8 28 mm (another favourite) and a T32 flash - all
second-hand of course!  Oh, and a new 2-4 focussing screen and pro.  I'm
also participating in a City & Guilds photographic course at my local
college and thoroughly enjoying myself.  

However, credit where credits due, I have to say lurking has given me
access to much valuable information and, together with Han's website, I
have been able to make informed purchases.  So, within my limited budget (I
can't afford any f2 lenses!) I'm more than happy with my kit.  Being in the
United Kingdom I don't really consider EBay a viable option for my
purchases.  I tend to buy from our largest photographic dealer (and
especially for second-hand kit) Jessops Photographic.  I may pay a couple
of GB pounds more, but I have the comfort of a full 12 months warranty. 
I've already claimed under this warranty as I swapped my f3.5 135 mm lens
as it had a sticky aperture ring, and they offered me an almost new one.

There, you have my full confession... must go now before I get withdrawal

Steve (no longer lurking!)
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