[OM] Problems with OM's

Subject: [OM] Problems with OM's
From: "David Jenkinson" <jenkinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 19:13:30 +0100
>>>>>>From: "Dr. Oben Candemir" <dunya.nospam@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [OM] OM3  was: OM-4s and batteries

What about OM3's. Being all manual shutters do they chew through batteries
in the same way? My understanding was that the half shutter pressed
position without limiter was the main cause of battery drainage. The OM3
doesn't have a B or 1/60 red setting as far as I know (all the speeds are
manual) so how can the half button press be disengaged? Also does it have a
baseline battery drain like the auto OM's? The FAQ doesn't really go into
the 3 much in this sense<<,

OM-3 does the same to batteries as older OM-4's I believe, although I'd
guess they last a bit longer with a mechanical shutter.
The OM-3 does, of course, have a "B" setting, which is what I store it at
when it's not in use.
Someone on this list was a while ago selling their OM-3Ti which had been
altered by Olympus to be powered up from standby by flicking the "clear"
lever or pressing the battery check button, rahter than half pressed shutter
release.  *Veeerrrryyyy* clever, that.
I don't know if a circuit upgrade was ever offered to OM-3
owners........anyone know?

(Back to lurking for a while)

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