Re: [OM] A usage report on Gary's test slide - and Acer Scanwit

Subject: Re: [OM] A usage report on Gary's test slide - and Acer Scanwit
From: Chuck Norcutt <norcutt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 21:29:45 -0400
Jez asked:
First, concerning slide profiles: as all slides are meant to be
projected without any color
correction, there shouldn't be any need for different profiles, should
there? <snip>

Second, concerning 24-bit / 36-bit: doesn't this refer only to the
number of bits of info
available to accurately specify the color?  And nothing to do with
resolution which really
concerns the pixel separation?
I agree that a slide is meant to be projected without any color
correction but looking at the projected image with our eyes isn't the
same thing as having an electronic interpretation of the color which is
created by the scanner and then re-interpreted by the monitor or
printer... the latter after having been converted from an RGB
representation to CMYK or something more complex.  So, although MiraFoto
appears not to provide custom profiles for slide films it's clear that
Hamrick software does.  Actually, I'd have sworn that my Mirafoto 1.1
did have slide film profiles but if it did they disappeared with
Mirafoto 2 which I had to install for support of Win2000.

As to the relationship between resolution and color depth I think the
color depth simply improves the color contrast and contrast is
fundamental to resolution.  If the light beams composing two dots are
fully resolved but both are 100% white on a 100% white background then
they won't be resolved by the eye.  When using 36 bit color I can see a
difference but it's just not enough to justify the huge file size of a
48-bit image.  Also need to keep in mind that the monitor only claims to
be good for 32 bits.

Chuck Norcutt
Woburn, Massachusetts, USA

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