Re: [OM] Re: Collectible OM-3 condition

Subject: Re: [OM] Re: Collectible OM-3 condition
From: "Dr. Oben Candemir" <dunya.nospam@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 13:04:59 +1000
At 09:37 PM Wednesday 13/06/2001, you wrote:
What makes you believe that the bodies started at 1,000,000? Just in my
small sample of bodies right now, I have a 390xxx, 610xxx, 428xxx and
615xxx.  All OM-1 or OM-2, so I am not sure where the OM-3 started, but.

My OM-3 is 1008xxx, so you can assume 8000 or more.


> Most Olympus bodies have serial numbers starting in the 1000000 series. My
> OM-3 has serial number 100358x.

Maybe in addition to "most" I should have added "modern" (starting with OM-2SP or even spot metering models). It was an assumption based on looking at my OM-3, 2SP and 4Ti. Someone may correct me yet.

Nevertheless I think your post with serial numbers shows my point nicely. The OM-1/2 that you have 615xxx serial proves there's hundreds of thousands of them around.

The highest OM-3 number that the list has yet posted is less than 20 000 units with possibly that as an upper limit. I also collect coins and a mintage of 20 000 is definitely a collector quantity. Then again I have coins that only 1500 have been minted so its all relative. Its probably worth remembering that the number of OM-3's that have survived with pristine box and manuals aswell is probably much much lower than what the serial number would indicate too.

I think I've done myself in now. The prices of these things are probably going to rise due to increased awareness.


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