Re: Collectible OM-3 condition-> was [OM] OM-1(n): mechanical

Subject: Re: Collectible OM-3 condition-> was [OM] OM-1(n): mechanical
From: "Paul D. Farrar" <farrar@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 20:06:53 -0500
At 02:26 PM 6/15/01 -0700, you wrote:
>>  >
>>>  Mark Dapoz wrote:
>>>  >
>>>  > On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Paul Farrar wrote:
>>>  >
>>>  > > Whatever doesn't include a flash, because the 3 (I hear) needs a
>>>  > > to operate the flash trigger. I know the 4T won't fire one on it's
>>>  > > mechanical 1/60 without a battery.
>>>  >
>>>  > I just looked at the schematic for the 3Ti and they do indeed route the
>>>  > X sync contact to a mechanical switch.  The remaining contacts for TTL
>>>  > control go through the IC so they obviously won't work without batteries.
>>>  > I wonder why they didn't do this for the 4Ti?
>>>  >                                         -mark
>>>  I suppose because the shutter don't work without a battery either.
>>The shutter does work without a battery at that speed (1/60). That's the sync
>>speed, too, but the flash triggering is all computer controlled, so if
>>your battery dies, you can shoot at the sync speed, but without flash.
>>I believe the Leica M6 TTL does this too.
>I am confused by this. The OM4 shoots without batteries at 1/60 which 
>you have to physically set at the red mechanical speed setting on the 
>shutter speed dial.  It does not fire at the green, 1/60 synch speed 

The red 1/60 will operate at the right speed regardless of batteries, but
it will not fire the flash without live batteries. The flash trigger is
battery operated.

>Doesn't the OM3 shutter operate at all speeds without batteries, or 
>what is the point of having it?
>My understanding of the Leica M6 TTL is that it has a mechanical 
>shutter that fires at all speeds without a battery.

Yes, but if there are not live batteries in it, it won't fire a flash.


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