[OM] Zuikoholic struck again.

Subject: [OM] Zuikoholic struck again.
From: DBellamy2k@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 09:11:58 EDT
Dear list,

I earler reounted my experiene with Jessops who delivered a fair condition 
OM-2SP to my local store instead of an excellent condition OM-2. Anyway, the 
manageress of the store (bless her) said she could do the OM-2SP for £110. My 
35mm f/2 is on its way and I've been offered a 21 f/3.5 and I'm thinking 
about it!

Oh dear, my savings! I daredn't look!

I think Olympus should look at we Zuikoholics who are still committed to 
buying and expanding our OM systems and say "Well, maybe there is still a 
market for manual focus" - maybe its time to push the system again so mass 
production could reduce the price of the new gear.

I did send a long message recently to Olympus UK, USA and Japan saying this 
kind of thing which they have apparently forwarded to marketing and R&D. 
Since tech stocks have plummeted and after the y2k fiasco, maybe people are 
thinking its time for a return to a bit more 'human control'.

Dave Bellamy.

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