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Subject: Re: [OM] OMs in Action
From: bhinderks@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 15:58:59 -0700
At 10:47 PM 6/29/01 +0100, Chris B. wrote:
>The RAF boys would have been very glad to get away somewhere nice for 
>the weekend - perhaps in the hope of finding an adoring (female) 
>public ;-).

In point of fact they had two ladies (the event co-ordinators) ensuring
that they were wined and dined throughout Edmonton. On the day of the event
they were kept busy by "adoring" throngs who were getting their posters
and/or brochures signed by the pilots - S/L John Lawson & F/L Dave Thomas.
On the Saturday night they were the guests of honour at the "Top Gun Lokk a
Like " contest at the local "hot" spot. Needless to say they were the hit
of the crowd ( mostly adoring young things )!!

Their final comments on the day they left were that they "had never been
treated as well anywhere else" as by the Edmontonians.

The Sgt and his ground crew were unbelievable - supremely well organized (
ask them about Whyte Avenue sometime) and they too put on a great show for
the crowds of kids who got to sit in the cockpit (under very close
supervision of course). The boys did a "low and over" when they left. Tower
records show a landing gear check at 1000' and 200 kts - my photos show
about 100' and 450kts. Not one noise complaint though!!!

Barry H

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