[OM] Taking pictures of Mars

Subject: [OM] Taking pictures of Mars
From: Erwin Voogt <erwin.voogt@xxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 22:20:06 +0200
Cc: o.greve@xxxxxxx, hcvanveluwen@xxxxxxxxx

Olaf wrote:
stacked 3(!) 2x teleconverters between the OM-4Ti and my 300/4.5 to get an
effective 2400/36 tele-bazooka and had some fun spying on non-suspecting
neighbours (just kidding of course ;) ). Anyway, come nightfall, Mars should
up lovely again in bright yellow, so I decided to go for it, I spent a few
minutes finding the planet in the viewfinder of the camera, and what I
feared was indeed the case, at 48X magnification Mars did not show up bigger
than a needle's head in the viewfinder.
The angle of view of a 2400 mm "lens" is about 1 degree from corner to
corner. This year the size of Mars at opposition is 20.79". So on the
negative Mars will not be bigger than 20.79/3600*43 = 0.25 mm !!!
That's why you realy need a telescope and apply "oculair projection"
(correct English?) to take pictures of the planets. Even Jupiter and Venus
are just small dots without huge magnification.


Erwin Voogt
Utrecht, The Netherlands

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