Re: [OM] E-20 first observations

Subject: Re: [OM] E-20 first observations
From: Jay Maynard <jmaynard@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 21:41:37 -0600
On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 09:31:41PM -0600, Tom Scales wrote:
> - This thing fits perfectly in your hands. It's not light, but it just feels
> right. Clearly Olympus engineering

My feeling as well...and my hands are smaller than Tom's, so they got it

> - The results are better than expected. They won't hold up to 13x19 like the
> 18megapixels from my film scanner, but at 8x10, I'll bet they'll be hard to
> tell apart.

They are, even when printed on my cheapo Epson Stylus Color 640 (on
photo-quality matte paper, granted).

> - There a 8,349,933 different options you can set. You really need three.

I find myself changing the metering mode, and occasionally enabling the
remote control, and occasionally the flash mode...but the rest gets left

> - It's faster than I expected. You can fire off a number of shots before you
> get ahead of the buffer.

I've found that this doesn't always work, though; I think you need to
release the shutter button completely before trying the next shot.

> - File sizes are huge. Max res, TIFF = 15MB!  Max  res, JPF = 3-4MB.

One reason I shoot in HQ (full resolution, 8:1 compression) mode, because
those file sizes are about 800K.

> - You need storage. Lots of storage. I have a bunch of CF cards from my PDA
> and cheap digital camera. Not enough. A 16mb card holds 1, count'em 1,
> picture. Even my 128MB cards hold just 9.  You need a microdrive (I bought
> the 1GB).  Officially the E-20 supports it and the E-10 doesn't, although
> the drive works in the E-10.

The other reason I normally shoot in HQ mode. I leave a 128MB CF and a 32 MB
SmartMedia in mine, and can hold about 200 pictures between the two. The
estimated pictures remaining number is a little pessimistic (it says 134 in
HQ mode with the 128 MB card empty, but I generally get 150 or so). I'd like
a microdrive, but will probably settle for a 128 MB SmartMedia card instead.

> - Differences between the E-10 and E-20 are pretty small. More pixels.
> That's about it.

Yeah. That's why I didn't send mine back.

> - It's surprisingly easy to learn, even the advanced features. Just read the
> book and....

Yes, indeed. Amazingly well thought out. I was a little worried that I
wouldn't remember how to operate it in the middle of taking pictures hot and
heavy, but haven't had that problem at all.

> - It eats batteries. I didn't have charged NiMH handy, so I used disposal
> alkalines.  30 shots, 5 with flash, ate the batteries. Off to
> Thomas-distrubuting to buy more NiMh.

Absolutely. I'm going to get a third set.

> So far I am pleased. I think it will be my 'always with me camera'.

That's what mine's turning into.

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