Re: [OM] The elusive OM-3Ti

Subject: Re: [OM] The elusive OM-3Ti
From: Henrik Dahl <hdahl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 03:27:27 +0100
I'm glad. You would've disappointed me if you you never would've had one.
So how is it? Was it size that made you prefer the 1, or just the hard-to-explain feeling?

Henrik Dahl

I used to own a 3Ti, but didn't use it enough. I found myself grabbing my 25
year old OM-1 when I wanted to 'go manual'.

The 3Ti, which was truly mint, is now in the hands of a fellow listmember.


 Not even Tom seems to own one ;-)
 Why, Winsor, do you say it's discontinued. That's sure news to me. I
 only held a 3 once and it's like a 4(Tx) but sexier ;-)

 > Henrik Dahl

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