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Subject: [OT] Re: [OM] Epson 1270
From: Johnny Johnson <jjohnso4@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 15:06:58 -0500
At 01:07 PM 11/15/01 -0500, John Pendley wrote:

I just put a new color ink cartridge in my Epson 1270, and every print I've made with it has very visible banding. This never happened with the old cartridge. On a landscape format print, the bands are vertical, which means they're horizontal as the paper comes through the printer. (I hope that was clear enough.) I wonder if anyone has an idea what to do or if anyone knows the address for getting on the Epson list.

Hi John,

From the Epson-Inkjet Recourse at http://welcome.to/epson-inkjet:

Q: There are faint lines running horizontally on my print outs, how do I fix this?

A: There are one to four normal causes to this problem: 1: you have a clogged nozel in the print head of your Epson, 2: the resolution of the image you are printing is causing the artifact to appear from the printer driver, or 3: your print head is mis-aligned. And finally,
you may have your paper thickness lever on + vs. 0.

To eliminate the clogged nozel, first diagnose the problem by:

1.  Clicking on START (button)| SETTINGS | PRINTERS
2.  Right click on your epson printer from the window that opens.
3.  Choose Properties from the menu.
4.  Choose the UTILITIES tab
5.  Click the Nozzle check button, following instructions
6.  If you determine there are gaps in the nozzle check printout, choose the
        HEAD CLEANING button next.

Next possible cause can be elimated by printing the image at a resolution that is a factor
of the printers resolution (e.g. 360 or 720) a few of them are:

720, 480, 360, 288, 240, 180, 160

Print outs at 240 look very good, some members of the Epson-Inkjet list has noted improvement at even higher resolutions
but the consensus on the list is that requires magnification to see!

SEE ALSO: I've done ## cleaning cycles and I still have a clog! Now what to do I do now? Tough clogs

Next possible cause is a mis-alignment of the print head. You check this by going to:

1.  Clicking on START (button)| SETTINGS | PRINTERS
2.  Right click on your epson printer from the window that opens.
3.  Choose Properties from the menu.
4.  Choose the UTILITIES tab
5.  Click the HEAD ALIGNMENT button, following instructions.
6.  Examine the alignment on the SAME paper as you are printing to
        Use a Loupe or SCAN the alignment to increase the magnification
        of the pattern.  The dots should lay ON TOP of the other dots
        choose the closest on each pattern.
7.  Repeat the head alignment printout again, repeat until you get
        all three of the rows to agree on column 8.  Many users
        have reported this taking 3 or more passes through the
        utility, but that all banding was eliminated.

The triple alignment procedure takes the following form:

Do your normal alignment check. Pay VERY CLOSE attention to selecting the
absolutely closest math between the sets of paired lines on each row.

Make your initial realignment selection, if needed. Then, run the procedure
two more times.

It's very important to be sure you're making the correct choice when
selecting realignment numbers. Many times it's difficult to see differences
between the printed pairs of lines. Some people like to scan and enlarge
their findings. I've found moving my eyes back and forth several times
helps. Also, tilting the paper away from you makes it easier to see the best
fit. Strong illumination on the printed tests is also recommended.

Johnny Johnson
Lilburn, GA

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