Re: [OM] Digital Camera that takes OM lenses (READ!)

Subject: Re: [OM] Digital Camera that takes OM lenses (READ!)
From: "Ralf Loi" <ralf_loi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 11:30:59 +0100
The OM-3Ti is a very expensive camera for what it has to offer. The only
extra (but unique) feature it has compared to other models is enhanced
TTL/OTF flash in the 1-1/60s range with fill-in control. Hardly something
most OM users can justify to themselves (and to their spouses). Olympus
would have made a better marketing move if it had released the 'definite OM
body' that Maitani had planned (as he told in an interview).

For my wishes, it would be better an equivalent of a Ni*on FM3A. In Italy
it sells for the half of a OM-4Ti,
and for that money you have an electronic AND a mechanical camera. Or they
could have made an
enhanced OM-1 (the Oly 2000 was not a system camera, and too plastic/less
In my opinion there is enough room for a good mechanical camera, and Ni*on
know that.
By the way, I cannot explain why the sync time (1/60) is still the same in
the modern cameras (OM-3/4)
whith shorter exposure time (1/2000) than the old ones (OM-1) with 1/1000.

Ralf Loi

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